Readers of The Courier take to the cinema to name baby owl

"I'm 80 per cent sure it’s a boy"

THE film world appears to have inspired The Courier’s readers in their efforts to name The Rookeepers’ 15-week-old endangered masked owl.

Two of the top contenders so far are Archimedes, which is the owl from the Disney film The Sword & The Stone, and Hedwig, made famous by the Harry Potter series.

The other names attracting votes are Stomper, Wobbles, Hoot and Ollie.

The Rookeepers’ Michael Church asked our readers to help him name the baby owl, which will be company for larger owls Max and Phoenix.

So far, 80 people have voted in The Courier’s online poll while several others have rung in with name options, including Zorro, Willow and Wol.

Voting closed at midnight and the winner will be announced in tomorrow’s edition of The Courier.