Two by two: twins excited for their first day at school

Two lunch boxes, two school bags, two drink bottles and two packed lunches. 

Everything needs to be doubled to get these children ready for their all-important first day of school. 

The special day arrives next week with children across the district already getting exited for their big day. 

New prep Blair Macdonald said he had been to visit his new school, Macarthur Street Primary, in December. 

“I am excited to go and use the computers and smart board,” he said. Ballarat and District Multiple Birth Association president Karen Collum said the day would be a big change for some parents. 

“I have got another child who is younger than them, so I will go from having three at home to having one at home,” she said.

“When you have two children going at once it changes the dynamic completely.” 

Parents of twins also have the difficult decision of whether or not to split the pair up into different classes. 

Ms Collum said some people believed splitting up twins would help them to develop their own identity, however, she believed there was no blanket solution. 

Ms Collum’s boys will be in the same class next semester and were excited for their first day. 

“When they did orientation day last year they started to get really excited, they get to be big kids and they get to wear a school uniform and get all the school supplies,” she said. 

“I am really excited I think they are ready to go to school, if I thought they would be hanging onto my leg and really devastated, that would be hard.”