Rockers and riders spread Headspace word

CAMP STREET was treated to the noisy combo of rock ‘n’ roll and Harley Davidsons yesterday, as musicians rode into Ballarat to raise awareness for youth mental health service Headspace.

Grinspoon lead singer Phil Jamieson has been leading the five-day ride from Gold Coast to Melbourne, which has been stopping at local Headspace centres along the way.

After visiting the Camp Street Headspace, there were performances from Mr Jamieson and others taking part in the Rock ‘N’ Ride, including members of bands Kingswood, Art vs Science and Silverchair. 

Looking tired after thousands of kilometres on the road, Mr Jamieson said it had been an “amazing journey” to help spread the word about Headspace. 

“We’re just trying to create an awareness that the young people of the ‘Rat have a place to go, whether it be physical or mental,” he said.

Mr Jamieson said it was also important to try and change attitudes towards mental health, which had become stigmatised. 

“We won’t have to do this ride hopefully in ten years, because mental health will be like physical health,” he said. 

Headspace CEO Chris Tanti was also taking part in the ride and said it had an interesting and unique way to have a conversation with young people about mental health.

“The more of this we can do the better, the thing that worries me about young people with mental health problems is that they’re suffering in silence,” he said.