Anglicare Victoria offers back-to-school assistance for families

BALLARAT parents are being urged to make sure their children have all the right equipment before their first day of school. 

Anglicare Victoria's Ballarat emergency relief centre co-ordinator Pauline Prebble said her organisation had received a lot of donations throughout the year which they were currently handing out to families. 

“The thing is, if a child starts school with everything they need to start properly, they are more likely to succeed,” she said. 

“So if they have pens and they have the right folders and stationary to start with – rather than taking a scrap of paper from here and borrowing a piece from a friend that gets lost – if from day one they have got it set up,they are more likely to succeed and enjoy school.” 

Ms Prebble said some parents found it difficult to ask for assistance when they needed it. 

“A lot of people get embarrassed to ask because some parents feel that is their role, that they must be able to provide that,” she said. 

“It is like Christmas, coming in to get food along the way people are OK with, but the thought that they are admitting that they can’t get their child back to school is a bit more challenging. 

“The stuff is here and Ballarat has donated it so come and see us and the worst we can do is not have what you need, they have lost nothing.

“At least try, it is really important for kids to start school with the right equipment because if they start well then they have a better chance of continuing well.” 

Ms Prebble urged parents to get in contact with Anglicare Victoria if they needed assistance.