New features add increase the excitement at Ballarat's water spray park

New features added to Ballarat’s water spray park will ensure the fun continues until the end of summer.

The park, at Midlands Reserve, has six new additions, including a five-metre tower which spins water in multiple directions, ensuring no one stays dry. 

Criticisms about the lack of shade at the park will be addressed, according to City of Ballarat mayor Josh Morris, who said it was something the council would look at. 

“I think one of the interesting things about the conversation with the shade is a lot of people are saying we need artificial shade structures, but we have two beautiful trees here which are offering significant shade,” he said.

“When you come along and you see families that are here and the parents are utilising the shade.”

Cr Morris said there was also the possible of similar parks being opened across the city based on the strong community support. 

“It is obviously the first one, but when we look at the community take up, I think it would be a good opportunity to look at different sites around the city so that different communities have the opportunity to have some kind of aqua play in their immediate vicinity,” he said. 

In winter, the water spraying features will be removed and the area will be converted into a basketball court.