Residents warned to keep cool as Victoria prepares for more hot weather

BALLARAT residents are again being warned to look after themselves as the state prepares for another heatwave.

The hot weather will peak on the weekend with tomorrow expected to reach 37 degrees and Sunday to climb to 40 degrees.

However, it is also predicted there will be a 60 per cent chance of rain on Sunday, possibly bringing some relief as residents swelter through another hot period. 

Ballarat Health Services staff physician of adult medicine James Hurley said it was important for residents to take proper precautions during the period. 

“The advice to individuals is to look after themselves by maintaining their fluid intake and avoiding direct sunlight,” he said. 

“Wearing the appropriate clothing, a hat is important and our advice, generally, is to look after the people who can’t look after themselves.” 

The latest heatwave comes only a short period of time after Ballarat sweltered through consecutive days of extreme heat in early January. 

Temperatures are expected to stay warm until Tuesday when they will dip down to 21 degrees with a 60 per cent chance of rain. 

Dr Hurley said the elderly and children were particularly in need of assistance. 

He also said extreme weather of any kind usually meant more people would need medical assistance. 

“The things to look out for – particularly in the vulnerable, the very young and the frail – is if they’re listless, appetite has gone off, they are struggling with concentrating, passing out when they stand up and not passing urine,” he said. 

“The other thing is the people who go out and do strenuous activity in the heat, they are the ones who can get hyperthermia.

“The initial symptoms of that are that they have difficultly concentrating and seem like they are mildly drunk.”

The Courier’s top five free things to stay cool this weekend:

1. Head to the supermarket – often shoppers complain they are too cold, however, we highly doubt this will be the case this weekend. 

It provides the perfect opportunity for walking very slowly up and down the aisles. 

2. Water Spray Park – The perfect place to go for a quick splash without being forced to pay entry fees to go to a pool.

New additions to the park were made last week, meaning the trip might be looked at as a completely new experience for some visitors. 

3. Stockland Wendouree – If you are prepared to battle the crowd, why not take part in some very slow window shopping? 

Shopping centres are always perfect for a cool change from the hot weather outside. 

4. Ballarat Library – If the heats gets to you too early in the day, then head to library and take a break.

It even gives you the chance to catch up on some reading. However, it is only open Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. 

5. Art Gallery of Ballarat – Admission is free, meaning if you are after something slightly different, the weekend provides the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your artistic side.