Skipton Street 6th Ballarat Scouts to celebrate 80th anniversary

BASIL Bowman became a cub in the Skipton Street 6th Ballarat Scouts in 1939 and it had an enormous effect on his life.

“The encouragement from leaders and the wonderful enjoyment we had outdoors ... it’s a wonderful adventure being a scout,” he said.

He became a leader in 1948 and is still involved with the Scouts today as an Honorary Commissioner for Scouts Australia.

Scouts will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the 6th group’s formation on Sunday, February 16, when past members will return to the Skipton Street Church.

The group formed in 1933 when the resident minister at Skipton Street saw a need to establish Scouts at the church.

It continued until 1998 when it was decided to transfer the scouts to the 1st Ballarat group due to declining numbers and leaders.