Red hot night for sell-out Quatro show 

SUZI QUATRO fans and music lovers alike braved the heat on Saturday afternoon to soak up some legendary talents during the Red Hot Summer Tour at the North Gardens.

Ballarat Radio 3BA announcer Paul Taylor, who was the MC for the concert, said: “It was hot, but ecstatically brilliant.”

The show sold out two weeks earlier, and 3800 people attended Saturday’s event. 

“It was a great build from Russell Morris to Shannon Noll to Joe Camelleri and the Black Sorrows to The Angels and finally with Suzi.

“It’s the first time we’ve had an international act in the Red Hot Summer Tour. 

“The crowd went off like a frog in a sock for her – the entire front area was chock-a-block with people cheering her on.”

He said people had lined up early to get into the event to find a spot in the shade. 

A mist tent, in which water was sprayed from the roof, helped fans cope with the heat.

Ballarat’s Jenny Poppe visited the mist tent at least six times before 4.30pm. 

“We’re sitting in the sun, so I’ve been coming over lots. Hopefully we’ll get some shade later,” Ms Poppe said.

“It’s beautiful. If we didn’t have it, I’d be melting.”

Samantha Balciunas also cooled off in the mist tent, preparing herself before venturing into the mosh pit for Shannon Noll’s performance.

“It’s a great line-up. Ballarat doesn’t have a lot of events like this,” Ms Balciunas said.

“It’s great to see performers like Suzi Quatro, who my parents love and grew up on, and Shannon Noll who I’m a fan of.” 

Quatro fans Kim Osburn and Melissa Gallichan travelled from Geelong to see the show. 

Both had seen Quatro before and said they were excited to see her give a compelling performance again. 

Mr Taylor said a special moment for him was when Joe Camelleri dragged him on stage to take his photo with the crowd in the background. 

“I’ve always been a fan of Suzi since her first single was released. She’s a female rock legend and superstar,” he said. 

“It was surreal to hang out with her backstage and talk to her, have pictures and get stuff signed.”