New boats christened at city rowing club

BALLARAT City Rowing Club christened its first boats in more than 20 years at a celebration honouring valued members of the club on Saturday. 

The three boats were named after people who had made important contributions to the club, including Robert Lawrie, brothers Wayne and Barry Lyle, and brothers Norm and Ron Young. 

Club captain Jamie McDonald said it was a great time for the club. 

“It was a tough time through the drought, but the drought is well and truly broken,” he said. 

“The lake is looking great and it’s a great moment for our club.”

The quad scull and double scull were bought towards the end of the drought, and the eight boat was bought this year. 

Mr McDonald said that after Mr Lawrie died his family donated money to the club. 

Mr Lawrie had joined the club in 1946 as rowing started up again after World War II, later joining the committee. He was awarded life membership in 1959. 

The Young brothers had won many races as a double scull combination, winning medals at the Victorian and Australian Master’s Championships. 

They joined for two seasons in 1973, only returning in 1995 and since have both shown great commitment to the club.