New school year brings nine sets of twins

NEVER has St Columba's Primary School had so many sets of twins at the same time.

This year, the primary school will have a remarkable total of nine pairs of twins in attendance.

One of the twins, Rose Britt, said her and her brother Isaiah's personalities couldn't be more different and so they can help each other.

Nyah Donald is feeling a bit nervous about not having her brother Campbell around at an all girls secondary school next year.

"Having him there at school, I've always got someone to hang out with," she said.

With different coloured ribbon tied around their cute pigtails, identical twins Ella and Grace Greene counted off their fingers all the new friends they made yesterday on their first day of prep.

"Goodness gracious, that's a lot of twins!" - Kathy Haintz

Identical grade six students Nic and Lachie Huf enjoy their sport, although admittedly not as much when on the same team.

"We don't like playing together. We tried playing doubles in tennis once and it didn't end up too well. We just yelled at each other," Lachie admitted.

School finance officer Chris Jenkins and administration officer Kathy Haintz still can't get over the excessive number of twins they have enrolled.

"I can always remember twins being here but not all at once. It's pretty extraordinary," said Ms Jenkins.

"It wasn't until we noticed we had two twins starting prep that we added them all up and thought, 'Goodness gracious, that's a lot of twins!'" Ms Haintz said.