Breakfast Report: Special Fire Edition


It was one of the busiest night for fire crews in the past 12 months.

The Plaster Fun House fire needed six crews to put out the blaze which tore through the CBD building. 

However, it wasn't the only call out for fire crews. 

 - Senior station office Neville Collins said crews headed to a grass and scrub fire in Lucas and a fence fire in Sebastopol.

  - Fire crews were also called to Wendouree to a home where residents could smell leaking gas.

 - Later on, firefighters headed to Sovereign Hill after an alarm went off. This was caused by a lamp being left on. 

 - Yet another call-out a grass fire meant fire brigades headed out to the Ring Road to battle the blaze. 

 - And finally, fire crews were called to another burning off incident in Vickers Street Sebastopol. This comes after  a recent warning, police would be called to any illegal burn-offs.  


Get ready for another scorcher tomorrow.

Today will reach a top of 34 degrees but tomorrow with be the hottest day of the week with a sweltering 38 degrees predicted. 

Thankfully, a cool change will come through on Sunday and Monday will temperatures dropping below 30 degrees. 


Police attended the Plaster Fun House fire overnight, however, had nothing else to report. 

In other news Police are reminding residents the speed cameras on the Western Ring Road are now enforcing the speed limits as of yesterday. 

The cameras, west of Sydney Road, will detect speeding motorists in both the east and west-bound lanes.

They  were deactivated during road works on the Western Ring Road and have been upgraded.


Trains on the Ballarat line are now running on time. However, the 5.22am service from Wendouree to Southern Cross was delayed by 16 minutes. 


Today we are heading to the North Melbourne Football Club super clinic at City Oval. Check out our website for pictures throughout the afternoon.  


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