Her Majesty's refurbishment would cost $28m

A $28 million refurbishment of Her Majesty’s Theatre would bring Ballarat’s most glamorous stage into the 21st century, according to its manager, Graeme Russell. 

The theatre project, which is yet to be funded, was listed in the Ballarat Regional Capital Plan unveiled at Parliament House in December. 

Mr Russell said a feasibility into the works needed at the theatre had already been completed, with a further $300,000 set aside for more planning. 

“The work, time and money need to go into the building to ensure it will be here for future generations,” he said. 

“It allows us to maintain the history and the history for the future. That is the 

bottom line.

“It brings it into the 21st century, but still with the heritage style.” 

The planning for the project has been put together over the past nine months and  includes a wide variety of things in need of repair.

Mr Russell said the project included repainting, fixing

walls and an entire new seating arrangement. 

The seats in particular have been listed as a problem at the facility, with Mr Russell saying they are too narrow and are suffering from wear and tear. 

“They are costing time and money to repair each year because they are old and failing,” he said. 

“The seats are the big one. They need to be replaced.”

Improving access for people with disabilities is another priority of the project. 

While the entire building would be repainted if the funding comes through for the project, the colours would remain the same as per heritage requirements. 

The floor would also be replaced.

Heating and cooling would also need to be completely overhauled with the famous foot warmers also taken out.

“It is about ensuring the theatre lasts for another 140 years,” Mr Russell said.

“The theatre means a lot to Ballarat, to the people of Ballarat and indeed to Australia.”

The theatre will celebrate being 139 years old this year.