Gate crashers cause havoc at Ballarat party

BALLARAT Police are still searching for a group of offenders that assaulted a number of people and trashed a Ballarat North property on Friday night. 

Witnesses said that a group of men arrived at a Sim Street address around 11.10pm on Friday night and forced entry into the property and assaulted two men aged 32 and 26. 

It's believed the group of men turned up to a house party uninvited. 

When one of the offenders was asked to leave, he hit a 17-year-old man in the face with a bottle. 

Witnesses said that the group of men also broke a number of windows and stole two handbags when they left the scene. 

Three people were taken to hospital for facial injuries, including two people that lived at the house. 

A Police Media spokesperson said police did not have any details of the offenders.

"But that doesn't mean police don't know who they are," the spokesperson said. 

Police media said at this stage, nobody had been charged. 

Ballarat Police Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) also attended the scene.