Ballarat breakfast report: February 9


Well that was a warm night Ballarat. At 9am this morning it was already 29 degrees, only a few degrees away from today's forecast top of 32. 

Ballarat sweltered overnight with a low of 21 degrees at midnight. But the cool change is on its way, with strong winds expected to bring a cool change later this morning. 

We will sleep easy tonight with a forecast low of 10 degrees, before a mostly sunny top of 26 degrees tomorrow. 


Ballarat Police did not attended to any jobs of significance last night.

This morning crews attended to a fire at a former church on Grant Street at Golden Point. 


Fire crews attended to a fire engulfing a Golden Point church around 9.40am. 

Read more about the fire here.


Ambulance Victoria attended to no cases of trauma last night. 


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