Pupils learn about internet safety at school

PUPILS were given some sage advice on best practice for internet use as part of Safer Internet Day yesterday.

Mount Pleasant Primary School took part in the day, with teacher Leah Slater saying she focused on different things throughout the day. 

“It is about learning how to use the internet in the best way and how to use it safely,” she said. 

Ms Slater said pupils learnt about what sort of information they shouldn’t give out on the internet and the importance of talking to parents and teachers about concerns they may have. 

She said cyber bullying was something the school dealt with throughout the year.

The school has an iPad program which runs from foundation to year 4. 

Principal Phillip Gladman said the program meant pupils could learn all day, not just when they were at the school. 

The school also runs a netbook program for pupils in years 5 and 6. 

Mr Gladman said everyone needed to be aware of the pitfalls the internet could have. 

“Parents need to aware of what their children are doing,” he said. 

Anyone after more information about the day or about safe internet use should head to www.cybersmart.gov.au