City of Ballarat sends out warning to dog owners after string of attacks

A STRING of dog attacks in recent months has prompted the City of Ballarat to send out an urgent warning to all dog owners to ensure they are not posing any danger to the public.

There have been a number of dog attacks in Ballarat, and two people have been treated in hospital in the past month.

Ballarat City Council says there is no evidence that attacks are becoming more frequent, but it conceded that attacks happen more often in the summer months.

In the most recent alleged attack, an eight-year-old boy was taken to hospital on Sunday night after he was bitten on the leg. 

Three rottweilers were impounded.

The dogs will remain impounded while the investigation continues.

In January, a four-year-old whippet was left fighting for her life after she was attacked by two stray Staffordshire terriers while being walked on a lead by her owner in Wendouree. 

Her owner Tom Chambers was also injured in the attack and required hospital treatment.

The Courier understands the owners of those two dogs will face court next week.

Meanwhile, an Alfredton woman fronted Ballarat Magistrates Court on Monday after her rottweiler jumped a fence at her house and bit a 67-year-old man late last year.

He  was hospitalised and the woman was fined $860.

City of Ballarat city infrastructure general manager Eric Braslis said it was crucial animal owners took all precautions when walking their dogs, along with those who had pets locked up.

However, he said there was nothing that indicated the number of attacks was on the rise.

“We have no evidence to support any increase in dog attacks from last year to this one,” Mr Braslis said. 

“Dog attacks are largely, though not entirely, seasonal. 

“The summer period with longer daylight hours and better weather leads to more members of the community enjoying the outdoors and walking their pets.”

Tilly is one of the poor dogs who was viciously attacked in the region. FILE PIC.

Tilly is one of the poor dogs who was viciously attacked in the region. FILE PIC.