Police taser teen in second Ballarat incident

POLICE have used a taser for the second time in the city’s history after they were called to an incident in Gillies Street about 10.30am yesterday when a teenager refused to co-operate with police.

It was the second time a Taser has been used by Ballarat police in 10 days, having previously not been used since they were first introduced in May last year.

Police say upon their arrival, a minor was unco-operative and did not obey police commands to drop a weapon.

The first use of a police Taser in Ballarat occurred on February 2, where threats to self-harm was involved.

Ambulance paramedics were called to the scene yesterday, where they assessed the man.

However, he was not deemed to have been injured and was not taken by ambulance.

“The (person) did not adhere to police commands to put down the knife,” a statement said.

“Police deployed a Taser and arrested (him) without further incident. (He) was seen to by ambulance. 

“He was not injured and was taken to hospital for further assessment.”

Tasers were first introduced to Ballarat in May after the city was identified as a high priority area.

At the time, Inspector Thomas said Ballarat police attended a high number of jobs where weapons were used against them or self-harm was threatened.

Officers have Tasers in Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo and Latrobe Valley, while some special operations officers are equipped with them in Melbourne.

An investigation into the use of the Taser will be conducted.

Anyone experiencing difficulties can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.