Alfredton butcher forced to close due to roadworks

ROADWORKS on a busy Alfredton street have caused a butcher to close until further notice. 

On Monday, Meat n More owner Mick Haintz said he would close his Cuthberts Road store for one week, after ongoing council roadworks restricted access to his shop-front. 

Mr Haintz said his meat sales had dropped by 70 per cent in the past week and had been declining for the past three weeks. 

The $900,000 Ballarat City Council roadworks project began on November 18 last year and are expected to be completed next month. 

The neighbouring milk bar has also lost trade, with owner Sam Shang losing hundreds of dollars in stock from poor sales this week. 

While the milk bar remains open, the butcher’s closure is having an impact on Ballarat’s hospitality sector.

Jackson & Co head chef Travis Ray said he found it difficult to access the butcher for supplies this week. 

“It’s hard, we have to give (the butcher) a couple of days notice for our orders,” he said. 

But Mr Ray said Jackson & Co would not be the pub without meat – insisting it had other meat suppliers it could turn to. 

Mr Haintz said Meat n More was still open for wholesale orders.

“We still have to walk about 300 metres over the road to put the meat in the (delivery) van,” he said. 

“It’s at the point where it’s not viable to open.” 

Alfredton resident Ingrid Sheriff is a regular at both stores and said it was impossible to find a car park along the street. 

“I just really feel sorry for them,” Ms Sheriff said. 

Mr Haintz said the council should compensate the two businesses for loss of sales. 

“I believe we should be compensated in some way,” he said. 

However, Ballarat City Council infrastructure general manager Eric Braslis said the works were necessary and the businesses were unlikely to receive compensation. 

“While we understand the works are disruptive and inconvenient for affected businesses and homes, these are necessary works to improve one of Ballarat’s busiest local roads and we are unable to offer compensation,” Mr Braslis said. 

Mr Haintz contacted Ballarat City Council on Monday and Tuesday this week, but said he had not heard from them since.

“Council will respond directly to Mr Haintz about his concerns,” Mr Baslis said.

Meat N More will reopen next Monday.