Make the PM drive a Hyundai Getz, says Madigan

BALLARAT Senator John Madigan has a novel idea for helping the federal government solve its budget woes – replace all Commonwealth cars with Hyundai Getz. 

The idea is part of a list of four ways Senator Madigan says the federal government could save money as it seeks to reduce its costs and boost savings. 

We road-test the Hyundai for our elected officials

Senator Madigan also suggested politicians could carpool, fly economy when travelling to Canberra and cut their superannuation contribution to nine per cent. 

He attacked his parliamentary colleagues for having double standards when it comes to asking Australians to tighten their belts but not doing so themselves. 

“We are in a new age of budget austerity and I believe the buck should stop here,” Senator Madigan said.

While the Hyundai Getz idea may be seen as tongue-in-cheek, Senator Madigan said it fitted perfectly with the "anti-Australian philosophies" and "economic rationalists" of the parliament.

Senator Madigan has been an outspoken critic of the the federal government for not offering assistance to carmakers and associated component manufacturers. 

“People might think I’m being sarcastic, but all of these are easily done and would bring forth real savings," he said.