Lydiard Street closed for Ballarat Beat street party

THOUSANDS flocked to Lydiard Street today as the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival drew in people from all over Australia and even a few international guests. 

Festival director Arthur Matsakos said the rock ‘n’ roll street party reminded him of time spent in New Orleans for similar events. 

"I’m pretty happy, how could you not be?" he said. 

"Just look at the street, it’s alive."

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Miss Ivy Fox wins the Miss Ballarat Beat Pinup pageant

Mr Matsakos said he hoped to make the party even larger and have another section of Lydiard Street involved in next year's event.

He said he had been forced to turn away potential stall holders because places were already full. 

"There was nothing like this last year, just look at the street, it is so full," he said. 

"It’s very successful, people at home should come and embrace this."

Bands will continue to play at the George Hotel and the Mining Exchange tonight with even more events planned for tomorrow.

Mr Matsakos said it was amazing to think the event was pulling in international tourists in only its second year 

"Don't just sit at home, come and see it all," he said. 

"Everybody has been coming up and saying how great it is and you hear people walking past saying how wonderful everything looks.

"Just all of their comments have been so positive."