Big Steps for tired photographers

THEY say never work with animals or Ballarat prep pupils.

The Courier's hardworking photographers have well and truly broken that old maxim as part of the "Big Steps for Tiny Feet" feature.

Our team have been out and about at Ballarat's primary schools taking photos of all the new classes of prep students.

Photographer Justin Whitelock said it wasn't easy getting a group of prep children to sit still long enough for a photo their parents would be proud of. 

Today, at St James' Parish School in Sebastopol, getting the kids to smile was another challenge altogether. 

"You make it work. You've got little tricks and stuff that you use and words just to make them laugh," he said. 

So what does Justin say to the preps when he's not dropping the old favourite "say cheese"? 

"I say a lot of different ones. I say Pringles and Twisties and monkies and they all get smile and all get a laugh," he said.

"Sometimes I just tell them to just pull a silly face and that gets them to smile."

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