Eric clocks on for work even on his 97th birthday

EVERY morning for as long as he can remember, Eric Carthy opens his business, Caledonian Garage, and does what he does best – looks after his customers. 

However yesterday was a little different for this loveable character. It was his 97th birthday.

But his age, coupled with a quick wit and effortless humour, meant yesterday was no different to any other. 

“It’s just another day, no need to worry,” he said with a grin underneath his signature brimmed hat. 

“Worrying never did anyone any good.”

While he ducks home for lunch and a quick nap most days, Mr Carthy can still be found behind the counter of his beloved business come closing time.  Building and opening the garage “a very long time ago”, Mr Carthy admits he can’t recall how long he has been operating out of Old Melbourne Road. 

More than 50 years?

“Oh yes, definitely,” he said. 

“I don’t care about time. I never have. You cannot alter time, and you cannot alter the weather.”

Asked about today’s petrol prices, Mr Carthy said it was all relative, yet it was hard to believe “that stuff” (fuel) was such an essential commodity.

Speaking of celebrating with his son Phillip last night, one gets the feeling there’s plenty of laughs when Mr Carthy’s around. 

“I’ll tell you one thing. I’ll be leaving my wallet behind,” he said with a laugh. 

“I’m not paying.”

Happy birthday, Eric.