Fifteen thousand flock to Ballarat Swap Meet

THOUSANDS flocked from all corners of the country and the globe to attend the Ballarat Swap Meet at the weekend. 

Friday and Saturday trading paid off this year, with about $200,000 made from admissions and catering.

Ballarat Swap Meet spokesman Andrew Rowan said more than 15,000 people flocked to the event, with attendance up on last year. 

“It ran smoothly and having (trading) spread over two days helped with congestion,” Mr Rowan said. 

“We had about 6000 people come through on the Friday.” 

Mr Rowan said the annual event attracted people from throughout Australia and a few overseas collectors also made an appearance. 

“We had about a dozen people from the United States and New Zealand come along,” he said. 

Mr Rowan said the automotive trash and treasure event sold everything from vintage car parts, petrol pumps and tyres.

“There was even a 1930s Victorian Railway Bus that was asking $16,000,” he said. 

Mr Rowan said he was glad Ballarat’s eight Rotary Groups came together for the event.

The busiest days of the Swap Meet were Friday and Saturday, with very few people attending on  the final day. 

Mr Rowan said most traders were packed up to leave by Sunday morning.