Sydney Hotshots show heats up Miners Tavern stage

THERE were more cheers than usual at one young man's birthday party at the Miners Tavern on Saturday.

In the room next door, hundreds of people had flocked to spend a night out with the Sydney Hotshots.

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"There was a 21st in our function room next door," said venue owner Simon Whiting.

"Daniel's 21st speeches were drowned out by the hundreds of squealing women."

Mr Whiting said the venue hadn't seen any event like the Hotshots before, only having been open for six months – though he didn't watch the whole show himself.

"I stayed upstairs – we had lots of women staff put their hand up to work so they were all downstairs," he said.

"It's a great space for it. It's got a big stage and great lighting so it went perfectly."