Time to celebrate faithful friends 

SIX years ago, I bought the love of our lives as my childrens’ Christmas present.

I chose him from a litter of puppies at a Dean farm. He was the one who came running up to me first so I figured he was friendly, fast and could pick a soft touch from a mile away.

He was sold to me as a jack russell but I have my suspicions that he could live at Buckingham Palace and no-one would blink an eye.

The girls named him Bubbles. He reluctantly answers to it but I think in his head it’s actually Butch.

He struts around the house like he owns it. The fact he sleeps on my head most nights probably means he’s right.

Personally, I think he should be called Trouble. 

And, when I’m doling out the tea leftovers, if the poor cat tries to lay claim to a crumb, a quick nip puts her back in her place. Which  – if Bubbles had his way – would be somewhere way over the back fence.

But he’s also the cuddliest, friendliest, happiest dog going around and we wouldn’t trade him for all the Fidos in the world.

If you love your pet, make sure he or she is included in The Courier’s Faithful Friends publication.

Published on Friday, March 28, Faithful Friends celebrates every Fido, Puss, parrot or even alpaca in Ballarat.

The Courier’s audience strategy manager  Serena Eldridge said the publication would commemorate pets of all shapes and sizes.

“Everyone is always talking about their cats and dogs,” she said.

“You can put in pet photos, either ones still with us or who are no longer still with us.’’ 

Photos and pet details must be entered at The Courier office by Friday.