Taxi association kicks off 50th year with celebration in Ballarat

THE Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) kicked off its 50th year with a celebration in Ballarat yesterday. 

VTA senior advisor Georgia Nicholls said the celebration marked the beginning of the 50th year, with many other events and projects to celebrate the milestone. 

“The taxi industry is going through a big period of change with many reforms and coming online,” Ms Nicholls said.

“To celebrate something like this is looking to the positive.” 

Ballarat Taxis chair and VTA vice-president Stephen Armstrong said it was a privilege to host the celebration in Ballarat.

“They could’ve chosen any place in Victoria but they chose us,” Mr Armstrong said.

He said Ballarat Taxis first joined the association in 1975, when it became one entity through Radio Cabs and Ballarat Radio Taxis’ amalgamation. 

“Each taxi is like a small business, so the association is so important in fighting battles and liaising with government,” he said.

VTA president Kevin Gange said holding the event in Ballarat took them away from the metropolitan spotlight to have broader view.

“We’re a large community united by common goals,” Mr Gange said.