Police to investigate two fires

EARLY indications are that yesterday’s fires at Alfredton and Cardigan were again deliberately lit.

Fire investigators and Ballarat Criminal Investigation Unit detectives were on the scene yesterday evening trying to determine the cause of the two fires.

In addition to the Cardigan fire about 2.30pm, firefighters also had to tackle a Cuthberts Road blaze in Alfredton, which had started just minutes earlier.

Police blocked off Cuthberts Road while fire crews tackled the blaze. There was also a heavy police presence at Cardigan.

Cardigan Fire Brigade captain Jim Hare said although it was early days, there were few signs of anything that could have prompted yesterday’s fire.

There were no overhead powerlines, and the fire was thought to have started in the front corner of the property.

“It was an absolutely great result that we were able to save it before it got a lot bigger,” Mr Hare said.

“We’d probably contained it within about 15 minutes and controlled it within an hour.

“With north-westerly winds like this, fires can really take off. It was lucky the wind was blowing away from the house.”

Volunteer crews from Ballarat, Smythes Creek, Cardigan, Wendouree, Smythesdale and Sebastopol fire brigades attended the fire.

The replacement tele-boom from New South Wales that is stationed at Ballarat City also attended, with firefighters usually based in Sydney.

The CFA issued an “all clear” message at 3.45pm.

Any witnesses or anybody with information is asked to contact Ballarat CIU on 5336 6080.