Get your skates on for a roller-derby disco

A ROLLER-derby disco will be held tomorrow to encourage primary-school-aged children to put on their skates and have some fun. 

YMCA spokesperson Carlee Grant said it was a good activity for children to try.

“Blue Light discos are run once a month and so is a kids’ roller-derby evening, so we thought we’d combine them,” Ms Grant said.

“There’ll be skating, a DJ and the kiosk will be open, so there will be a fun party vibe.” 

The event will run in partnership with Victoria Police, Roller Derby and Ballarat YMCA. 

“We just wanted to introduce kids to another great activity, where they could meet friends and have fun in a safe environment,” Ms Grant said. 

She said organisers were looking to see how the event was received, in the hope it would be held again. 

Ms Grant said some skates would be available for use, but encouraged those who have their own rollerblades or rollerskates to bring them along.