Minister for Crime Prevention visits Ballarat Police Station to inspect CCTV cameras

BALLARAT’s CCTV cameras are part of a variety of measures which have helped to reduce the number of assaults across Ballarat. 

In yesterday’s The Courier it was reported Ballarat’s assault figure had dropped by more than 17 per cent in 2013.

Minister for Crime Prevention Edward O’Donohue visited the Ballarat Police Station yesterday to view the CCTV system which played a part in the improvement. 

“There are a range of factors produced, what is a positive result,” he said. 

Mr O’Donohue said he had had feedback right across Victoria that CCTV systems had helped stop crime in the community. 

“The government is keen to partner with local communities to develop local solutions for local crime issues and perceptions of crime,” he said. 

“The feedback we get from Victoria Police and the feedback we get from local communities is that it helps perceptions of safety, it helps police solve crime and it helps to deter crime.”

The upgrade to the CCTV system occurred in 2012 and was made possible by a combination of funds from the state government and the Ballarat City Council.