New Shout magazine team take over The Courier office

THE Courier office was a buzz of exited teenagers last night at the launch of this year's Shout magazine.

Helping contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders, Shout aims to provide students with a positive experience to help with confidence and personal growth towards their future working lives.

Phoenix P-12 Community College student Caitlyn Schaper is one of 22 students from around the region on this year's Shout committee and said she looked forward to making new friends, developing her writing skills and getting a taste of what it's like to be a journalist.

Ms Schaper said she wanted to be a part of Shout to help promote issues faced by youth in the community.

"It can help youth understand more about Ballarat and the opportunities they have."

2013 committee member and Ballarat Clarendon College student Laura Panozzo said writing for Shout was one of the greatest accomplishments that she had the opportunity of completing.

"I had an amazing amount of fun and this experience pushed me outside of my comfort zone and led me to experience new things," she said.

This year's magazine will be published on May 23.