Rainbow Run to be an explosion of colour and fun

Victoria Park will be awash with colour at the end of this month. 

Hundreds of runners will flood the park as Ballarat gets on board the Rainbow Run craze. 

Each runner with be hit with coloured corn starch for each 800 metres of the 4.5km race they complete, and as a result the competitors will look like rather messy rainbows by the end of the race. 

National race director of Rainbow Runs Anthony Marchesani said similar events were growing in popularity, and a focus on regional areas had been one of their goals. 

“The idea is to get families and groups involved, because it is a family event – children five years and under can enter for free,” he said. 

“You don’t have to be a runner, and you don’t actually have to think it is a run.

“You have to think it is a fun event and a fun day.” 

The event will begin at 8am on March 30. 

Competitors can even walk the route rather than run if they want. 

Mr Marchesani said more than 300 Ballarat residents had already signed up for the event, part of the proceeds of which go to charity. 

People can sign up at www.rainbowmyrun.com.au