Western Freeway closes after car and caravan flip

MOTORISTS were left at a standstill when part of the Western Freeway in Mitchell Park was closed on Saturday afternoon. 

Ballarat Police were called to the scene after a car towing a caravan flipped, blocking the west-bound lane of traffic. 

Ballarat Police Sergeant Nathan Gardiner said the driver lost control of the vehicle and flipped the vehicle. 

The road was re-opened at 4.30pm with police saying the driver had not sustained any injuries. 

It came as many drivers were hitting the road for the long weekend, with many residents holidaying for the break. 

Leading Senior Constable Shaun Martin said it was important drivers planned their journey and took their time when travelling on the roads. 

“We would like you to arrive in one piece rather than not arrive at all,” he said. 

“Plan your trip and stay focused because there will be lots of people on the road tomorrow (today).”

Leading Senior Constable Martin said one of the bigger problems police had noticed over the weekend was drivers not wearing seatbelts.

He also said, despite an increase in the penalties for drivers using their mobile phones while driving, they were not heeding the message of the distraction the devices could cause.