Hot season far from over: total fire bans in the region

THE Ballarat fire season is far from over as the CFA enforces another total fire ban day today and fire authorities rushed to extinguish a ring of small fires around Ballarat yesterday. 

The ban, which covers all of Western Victoria, comes in the wake of another day of tough fire conditions where firefighting resources were stretched to handle fires at multiple locations around the region yesterday. 

While fires at Dereel, Ross Creek, Invermay, Buninyong and Black Hill were quickly brought under control, Ballarat City Fire Brigade senior station officer, David Mounier, warned of the risks still imminent.

“We would advise everybody to still be very careful and vigilant,” Mr Mounier said. 

“Even though it has cooled off a little it is still very hot, but most importantly everything is still very dry.”

Mr Mounier said fire fighting resources had been “stretched” recently due to the fire that continues to burn in an open cut coal mine near Morwell.

“People just need to be extra careful because our resources are down at the moment,” he said. 

“The last thing we need is someone doing something stupid which sets off a fire.

“We probably are at the end of the season but people still need to be very wary when there’s a total fire ban in place.”

Today’s temperature is expected to be warmer than yesterday with the region heading for a predicted top of 31 degrees. 

However, there is a 90 per cent chance of rain, which will bring much needed relief to firefighters throughout the state.

Temperatures are expected to drop to a mild top of 21 degrees tomorrow before climbing back towards 30 degrees by the weekend. 

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