Streeter gets jail but answers may never come

Ross Streeter sentenced to 34 years jail.

The farm at Streeter Lane, Natte Yallock, is still there.

The machinery sheds, the grain augers, the tractors, the sheep yards - all remain on the 1600-hectare property.

The road sign, bearing the name of the family who have lived on the patch of land for generations, is still there.

But the men who worked that patch of land tirelessly for decades are now gone.

Two Streeters, Doug and John, died on that patch of land early last year.

A third, Doug's son Ross, was today sentenced to jail for their murder.

We know Doug was battling motor neurone disease. We know it was terminal.

We know when the family was given the news of Doug's medical condition in January last year, Ross came to work with his father and uncle on the property he grew up on as a child.

We know Ross and John didn't always see eye-to-eye, but maintained a working relationship nonetheless.

We know Doug and John had agreed to give Ross a one-third share of the farm before drawing up new wills on February 13.

We know Ross used a shotgun kept on the farm to commit the murders on March 14 last year.

What we don't know is why it happened.

Ross maintains he doesn't know why he did it. He maintains he can't remember the killings beyond some "yelling" at his dad.

The murders have puzzled a town and a state.

The Avoca area is not so big that a secret plan for a local footballer to change clubs stays secret for long.

So when a double murder happens, news spreads like fire.

The respected farming brothers' bodies were found in the late afternoon. By morning, there wasn't anyone in Natte Yallock, Avoca or surrounds that hadn't heard of the tragedy.

Metropolitan news crews swarmed outside the farm, asking things like "a merino is a sheep, yeah?"

Locals were mainly asking one question - "why?" 

In the days that followed, those first shocked questions became increasingly louder demands for answers.

Despite the court process finishing with the sentencing of Ross, those answers have not come.