Car crashes into shop on Macarthur Street

THE owner of a Macarthur Street flower shop is counting herself lucky she wasn't at work, after a car smashed through the window of the business this afternoon.

The car, driven by a woman in her 60s, smashed through the shop front window of Creative Dried Flowers about 2.15pm.

Shop owner Fiona Glover said it was lucky the shop was closed. 

"Fortunately we only open by appointment," Ms Glover said. 

"There was no one inside at the time."

Ballarat police Acting Sergeant Simon Pearce said ambulance crews thought the woman may have been have been experiencing an epileptic fit. 

Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen said the woman suffered soreness and bruising from the crash. 

Mr Mullen said the occupant of the another car involved in the incident did not need ambulance assistance.