Cycle classic donations pass $1 million

MORE than 153,000 kilometres was ridden by more than 1600 cyclists for the Ballarat Cycle Classic this year. 

They also consumed more than 1000 sausages, 1600 bananas, 40 kilograms of lollies, 12 kilograms of fruitcake and 600 litres of water. 

The charity event, raising money for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute, broke $1 million in its seventh year this year.

Before the 2014 event, it had raised about $876,000. Adding the $213,600 raised this year brought the tally to $1,089,600. Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute director Professor George Kannourakis said he was overwhelmed at the generosity and enthusiasm displayed in support of the Ballarat Cycle Classic. 

He said the institute ran on donations and grants, and needed $800,000 to continue to function, with 14 scientists and support staff and many experiments to fund.

“It makes up more than one quarter of our budget.”

Professor Kannourakis said it would help fund various projects.