Stars of the circus show off their skills

STAND up straight, arms in the air, use your hips.

Silvers Circus performer Gypsy Gomez is good at keeping a remarkable number of hula hoops in the air at once, while walking on a mirror ball.

But teaching a not particularly nimble reporter to keep even one in the air? That’s a tough job even for someone as skilful as Gypsy.

Yesterday The Courier had a sneak preview inside the Silvers big top, at the Ballarat Showgrounds. 

We had a close up view of daredevil motorcycle riders Ricardo Aranjo, Dominik Gasser and Michelle Lyelzkorzky and their ominously named Globe of Death.

Ricardo, from Brazil, was the first man in the world to ride a Harley in a globe. Tonight he and the others will stick to their heavily modified Yamaha TTR125 motocross bikes.

We spied tightrope walker Ramon Kathriner scaling to the highest point of the big top. 

And we joined Gypsy on the stage with the hoops, with limited success. Gypsy has been mastering the hoops since she was 12. Now she is 38. Little wonder she is amazing.

“This is our lifestyle 24/7,” Gypsy says.

“We travel 11 months a year, all around Australia.”

The travelling show has a troupe of about 40 people. When the stars are not performing and rehearsing, they have to pitch in with everyone else to set everything up and pull it down. 

Other highlights include Rosita Gasser and her roman rings, Yibi Gomez and his bouncy ball act,  AFL football playing dogs, illusions and juggling. Sadly, I will not be part of the show.