Cyclists targeted by spike traps at Lake Wendouree

MORNING cyclists have been the target of a malicious attack along the path around Lake Wendouree.

Crude spike strips crafted from wood and nails were laid out in the path of riders, puncturing bicycle tyres and endangering users of the Steve Moneghetti Track.

Ballarat Police confirmed it had confiscated the items.

Rider Matt Kirwan-Hamilton said he narrowly missed the spike strips but two of his friends who are also cyclists were not as lucky.

"Two of my friends got punctures. We rode past a couple of riders who were with police who also had punctured tyres," he said.

"They are significant spikes and they were painted black. You have high pressure tyres and, if you were to hit those spikes it could cause a blow out. If the air expels rapidly, they explode.

"There are runners on the path as well and the spikes could cause a nasty injury and potentially cause tetanus or all sorts of other problems."

The spikes were laid out on the north side of the track near Haddon Street.

Sergeant Joanne Graham said the spikes were collected and the matter is under investigation.

"We have been contacted by people who are concerned, and we are concerned too," Sgt Graham said.

"We are interested in hearing from anyone with any information."

Mr Kirwan-Hamilton said riders were outraged about the incident.

"It incenses me someone can do that. It was probably done deliberately to upset cyclists," he said.

"The point is there are good drivers and good cyclists, and bad drivers and bad cyclists. This does nothing to help anything."

Anybody with more information can contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.