Faulty parking meter leads to ticket stoush

A local trader has voiced concerns after receiving a parking ticket for a park at a meter he claims is faulty.

Vincent Heley, the proprietor of Rewind Ballarat on Armstrong Street, said he parked out the front of his store at 10.30am in the morning. 

Mr Heley said he tried to put money into the machine but was unable to do so. 

The Courier also watched members of the public attempt to use the machine yesterday, with some having difficulty doing so. 

Mr Heley said he returned later in the day to find a parking ticket on his windscreen. 

However, according to the City of Ballarat’s website, if the meter or ticket machine is broken and cannot display how long you have been there, you are still only entitled to park for the prescribed length of time which is displayed on signage.

Despite the machine being broken, the two-hour time limit listed on the sign still applies. 

City of Ballarat general manager city infrastructure Eric Braslis said motorists should report a faulty meter at the time they park their vehicle to Council’s Customer Service Line.

“This number is displayed on parking meters,” he said.

Mr Braslis said council had a full time meter mechanic on duty who services meters daily.

“Funding is set aside in council’s capital works budget for a programmed parking meter renewal program which will see further new machines which take credit cards rolled out across the city.”

Anyone can report a faulty meter by calling council’s customer service line on 5320 5500.