Drug dealer's three-month jail term served in custody

A PROMINENT dealer of the drug ice was yesterday jailed in Ballarat Magistrates Court. 

But Kade Sexton, 28, of Bacchus Marsh, walked free after his three-month jail term took into account the 124 days he has served in custody since his arrest last year. 

Sexton was arrested last year after police searched his co-accused’s home, locating items thought to be used in the manufacture of ice. 

A prosecutor told the court police seized Sexton’s mobile phone, which showed evidence of substantial drug trafficking in the Bacchus Marsh area. 

The court heard the phone contained more than 3000 messages related to trafficking, including: “How much do you push a week?”, “mate, I’ve moved two-and-a-half q’s since Tuesday” and “you know my gear is good though”.

The court heard on another occasion Sexton, while on bail for the above matters, had been smoking ice with his co-accused when the pair used a stolen credit card to buy hundreds of dollars of cigarettes from several Melbourne supermarkets. 

He was again arrested on December 10 when police burst into his Bacchus Marsh home while he was sleeping. 

Sexton’s defence lawyer said his client had been a “very heavy” user of ice during the period he was dealing it.

The lawyer said Sexton had experienced “a total health change” since being in custody and was now clean from drugs. 

He said Sexton had drug treatment to go to when released and that his family was supportive. 

Magistrate Peter Mithen warned Sexton of the dangers of ice. 

“The community is almost at its back teeth with these offences,’’ Mr Mithen said.

“It’s the worst sort of drug you can be on ... you need to turn your back on this lifestyle.”