Strong thumb required to change Ballarat station clock

WHEN Ballarat residents change their clocks this weekend to signal the end of daylight savings, the task is pretty simple.

Looking around at some of Ballarat's more historic clock towers, The Courier assumed the task for the daylight savings ritual wasn't so easy.

Click the photo above to see inside the train station clock tower

Many train commuters probably think the job of changing the clock at the Ballarat Railway Station involves someone climbing up a variety of ladders until they reach the top and then adjusting a series of cogs to make sure the time is shown correctly.

However, those commuters would be mistaken.

It is a simple as pressing a button on a remote the size of a garage door opener.

Stationmaster Andrew Dark said the electronic device was only brought into use recently, meaning V/Line employees no longer had to scale the tower.

"Before we got this little gadget we had to do it manually," he said.

"It is just as easy as hitting a button.

"We have to do it twice a year and if we have any power outages as well."

As clocks will be turned back one hour this Sunday morning, the clock at the train station will simply be stopped for an hour before being turned back on again.

Mr Dark said commuters would probably be unaware of how simple the task is.

"I would say they wouldn't know, but it is surprising how many people, if that clock is out, will come and tell us," he said.

"So they do take a lot of notice of it."

When daylight saving returns later this year the clock will be put forward an hour using the remote.

The changing of the clocks should also be followed by the changing of batteries in your smoke alarm, according to Small Business Minister Russell Northe.

"Daylight savings will also end in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory," he said.

"While changing over the household clocks, it is a good opportunity for people to also change the batteries in their home smoke detectors."

Daylight savings will resume on October 5 at 2am.