Mount Clear roundabout to be finished next month

WORK at the Whitehorse Road roundabout should be finished next month. 

The work is part of a series of projects on Geelong Road in Mount Clear. 

VicRoads regional director Ewen Nevett said the current work at the roundabout was part of stage four of the project, aimed at easing traffic congestion during peak periods.

“We have had to wait for the land acquisition to put the two lanes through the east side of the roundabout to be completed,” Mr Nevett said. 

“It is about increasing capacity to get through the roundabout.” 

Bus stops have been moved further down the road to keep them away from the roundabout. 

The final section of work will be from Olympic Avenue to just past Damascus College.

The state government allocated $4.5 million to upgrade Ballarat-Buninyong Road in the 2011-12 Victorian budget.

Mr Nevett said the section of road was a major corridor which carried up 16,000 cars a day. 

“This is catering for some of the issues we have now during peak time and also looking to carry that forward a number of years,” he said. 

“It is never going to be 100 per cent, we are always going to see some congestion during peak times, there is nothing that can be done about that. 

“But it is looking to improve congestion, and improving the safety as well, during peak  times, the school drop-off and commuting periods.”

Mr Nevett said it was important drivers took notice of the safety signs in the area, as lower speeds would be required during  the period.

“So while the Whitehorse Road roundabout will be finished in four to 

six weeks there will still be work further down, continuing for the next six months,” he said. 

“They (road workers) will be working in traffic so there will 40km/h speed zones in force, so look at signs be aware of what you are doing and be patient.”