Facebook friends bring Obie home again

THE power of social media proved its worth earlier this week after an 11-week-old puppy disappeared from its Ballarat home.

Little Obie, an English staffy pup, went missing on Tuesday. 

Imagining the worst and on a mission to find their cute new pet, owners Jamie Ferrer and Meg Tiley turned to social media. 

The result was incredible. 

After a notice was posted on several Ballarat-linked Facebook pages, hundreds of strangers began to share the link on their own social media pages. 

As of yesterday morning, more than 500 people had shared the link. 

As a result, Obie was found safe and well at the RSPCA. 

Mr Ferrer said he and his partner were overwhelmed by the outcome. 

“It’s just incredible to think that there are so many caring people out there,” he said. 

“Meg was absolutely hysterical and it really is amazing to have Obie back.

“I guess you automatically think the worst ... so yeah this has just been amazing.”

Mr Ferrer said he and Ms Tiley were grateful for the power of social media.

“I guess without it (Facebook) we may have never found him,” he said. 

“We’ll be keeping a close eye on him now.”