Lake Wendouree boat shed up for sale

LAKE views, plenty of charm, room for a boat ... and not much else.

The boat sheds alongside Lake Wendouree don’t come up for sale often so they attract plenty of attention when they do.

A small private boat shed on the lake has come onto the market and Hayden Real Estate principal Richard Hayden said he had already fielded about a dozen expressions of interest. 

“I’ve been inundated by interest in it,” Mr Hayden said.

“They very rarely come up for sale. I’ve been in real estate in Ballarat for 25 years and I’ve known of about three or four I can recall.

“It is certainly only a handful.

“How much might it be worth? That’s the million-dollar question really.

“I’m not aware of any of these come up since there has been water back in the lake.

“Prior to the drought, we sold one for about $60,000. We don’t know whether boat sheds have appreciated like the rest of the housing market.

“If you apply the same increments as the property market, it could be $80,000.”

The boat shed is on the north side of the lake, between Forest and Dowling streets.

There is room to store a canoe, a small fishing boat or a small sailing boat. It has its own L-shaped jetty, has been well maintained but has no power. 

Mr Hayden said, while clubs might be interested in the boat shed, it was more likely to be suited to a private occupier.

However, unlike other properties, there is no property deed.

“You buy the building and the right to occupy that spot on the lake,” Mr Hayden said.

“It is like a licence or a very long-term lease rather than an actual title because the lake is not privately owned. 

“It is permanent but I am waiting for the paperwork to come in from the City of Ballarat to find what the situation is.”