Ballarat's 8th Battalion veterans reunite

The annual reunion for the 8th Battalion AIF, a City of Ballarat Regiment, occurred over the weekend. 

Four members of the battalion, along with wives, widows and other family members met for lunch in Ballarat, ensuring the group continue to stay in touch as the years pass. 

The battalion has met every year since 1946, according to Lesley McQuinn, the widow of a soldier of the 8th Battalion, who said the group also went on trips together throughout the year. 

“This is the special day we honour our special veterans ... I keep telling them, this is your day,” she said. 

“It is about the comradeship of the boys. Their families have brought them along because a lot of them can’t drive now.

“It has been noted that the 8th Battalion was one of the closest units in Australia and they have kept together all of the time.”

The lunch is held at Table 48 which opens the restaurant specifically for the group each year.