Vet warns against giving chocolate to pets at Easter

AS people gear up for a weekend of yummy chocolate, they are reminded to not indulge their furry friends with those same treats. 

Dr Rob Page, from the Eureka Veterinary Hospital, said people with pets should remember not to share chocolate with their dogs this Easter. 

He said most people knew that dogs and chocolate was a dangerous combination.

“It’s particularly dark chocolate – the theobromine has a chemical affect which can be toxic to animals,” Dr Page said. 

“They can cause vomiting and diahorrea and heart arrhythmia. 

“If anyone is concerned, the best thing to do is give their vet clinic a call and they might be able to help out over the phone or recommend you bring the dog in.”

Dr Page said if families were expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny, they should keep the dog separate from where the Easter Bunny would visit. 

“If a dog managed to find itself a little egg, that won’t hurt it too much,” he said. 

“But we should avoid a situation where children feed the dog chocolate.”

Dr Page said he had never known of a dog to die from chocolate consumption.

“They would have to eat a lot of dark chocolate to die,” he said.

“But it is more common for pets to receive symptoms including diahorrea and vomiting because of eating chocolate.”