Egg drive hatching huge results for Ballarat's needy

EASTER will be fun and exciting for many struggling families, with the help of the Ballarat community's donations of Easter Eggs. 

About 200 eggs and bunnies were dropped off at People @ Work, part of a drive where eggs will be distributed through welfare agencies to families who otherwise wouldn't have eggs this Sunday. 

Regional manager Michelle Williams said there tended to be a focus on Christmas, but they also wanted to see those less fortunate in the community receive an Easter Egg on Sunday. 

"It's important for children to wake up on Sunday and get an egg like the others." 

People @ Work partner with United Way who reached Ballarat welfare agencies to get in contact with their clients. 

Ms Williams said they emailed clients and candidates, and people walk in and drop off eggs throughout the week.

"We've had lots of individuals and businesses come in and drop off some eggs. 

"One lady, who was hurt badly in a car accident a few years ago and felt the support of the Ballarat community, saw this as a way she could give back. 

Anglicare emergency relief centre coordinator Pauline Prebble said there were many families who couldn't justify spending $20 on chocolates when it would be better directed towards staple foods.

"They just don't have another $20 in their budget," Ms Prebble said. 

"Easter Sunday is 48 hours before school goes back, these kids instead of going back to school and saying they didn't get anything can now say they will have got something just like everybody else." 

Donations are being accepted until Thursday, with drop offs at People@Work on Doveton Street and Anglicare centres.