Controlled explosions planned for Derrinallum bomb site

EXPERTS will carry out controlled explosions today and tomorrow at a Derrinallum farm which a man blew up at the weekend, killing himself.  

A police exclusion zone is still in place around the farm, six days after the massive blast destroyed most of the property.

Police have been carefully sifting through the site, trying to figure out why 48-year-old Glenn Sanders blew up his house and shed in the early hours of last Saturday.  

Two special operations senior constables from Melbourne were hurt in the explosion, following a seven-hour siege.  

Police have had a difficult task searching the property due to the belief it may still be riddled with explosives.

The controlled explosions are scheduled to occur on the site on Hamilton Highway Derrinallum late today and tomorrow, within the police exclusion zone.

Police spokesperson Kendra Jackson said Derrinallum would not require evacuation.

She said all residents inside the police exclusion zone would be spoken to before the controlled explosions occurring.

Sanders was known to police and they had arrived at his property on Friday night to arrest him.

It is believed he detonated the explosions after a seven-hour standoff. 

​News reports in the days after the explosion revealed Sanders had been a man fascinated with explosives and hadn't been himself after the death of his second wife.