Dog attacks boy, bites man in Black Hill

A DOG has been seized after it attacked a young boy and his father in Black Hill this week. 

Matthew Prodanovic said he was picking up his five-year-old son from a YMCA holidays program at Black Hill Primary School on Wednesday when the attack occurred.

Mr Prodanovic said the dog was off-leash with three young men, when it bolted up to him and his son as they were about to cross the road. 

“The dog started going at my son’s feet, so I got in between my son and the dog to keep my son safe,” Mr Prodanovic said. 

“Then it started going at my feet and legs.”

He received two puncture wounds to the back of his calf which had to be treated at hospital.

“I stayed calm as I didn’t want to rev up the dog or my son,” Mr Prodanovic said.

“It is concerning that a dog in a residential area could behave that way.”

Mr Prodanovic said it upset his wife and his son when they spoke about it later. 

He said it was a reminder for people to be aware of their surroundings and extra careful around animals they didn’t know.

He said one of the people with the dog grabbed it just as it was jumping for his arm.

Mr Prodanovic said he had spoken to residents and they had seen the dog chase children on bicycles in the past few days. He has made a statement to police.