Ham radio enthusiasts to tune in for Anzac Day

JOHN Karr will pay tribute to the troops in a different way this Anzac Day. 

The former navy musician will be at Ballarat’s Eureka Stadium  where he will take part in a world-wide ‘ham radio’ tribute. 

A ham radio operator for the past five years, Mr Karr will set up two large antennas which allow him to transmit to other ham radio users all over the world. 

Several ham radio users will set up at various army bases on Anzac Day and transmit on topics about the war. 

Mr Karr said it was his way of remembering all who served in the wars. 

“We transmit on an AM mode, which is what radio operators used in World War I,” Mr Karr said. “It’s actually good fun ... and it’s a nice way to remember and pay tribute to all the troops.”

He said Ballarat was the ideal location for ham radio, given  the city had a 400m elevation. 

Ham radio has become popular among amateurs radio users on Anzac Day. 

Mr Karr said other users would be setting up in Williamstown, Sydney and Queensland.

“Given the right conditions, you can transmit anywhere,” he said.

Anyone wishing to meet Mr Karr can visit him at Eureka Stadium on Anzac Day.